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When it comes to digital development and technology, we are proud to say that we have established a substantial amount of trust amongst hundreds of different enterprises. We have managed to come up with hundreds of different, innovative solutions, all catering to the specific needs and requirements of several different enterprises. In the world of digital development, we have made sure that we stay up to date with the latest kinds of technologies, and bring to our clients the kinds of solutions which will boost their revenues. We observe and bring to them exactly what will lead to the maximum satisfaction of both, the clients and the organizations.


Awan app in Oman is an easy, fast and reliable way to book cooking gas cylinders in minutes and get it delivered on customer’s doorstep. Customers can track the delivery status and make payment with card or cash.

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Midland mobile app is a dynamic tool for managers and c level employees to perform the daily approval process and get daily updates on their mobile devices.


Bin Menqash is an online shopping experience for spices and herbs lovers in Saudi Arabia. Customer can buy various varieties of spices through web and mobile apps.

Dar Al Jewar

Dar Al Jewar app is a community service app for one of the largest communities in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Residents of this community can use the app to book various services/facilities and get all latest news/updates.

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